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Stephanie Alton was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, but for a number of years has resided in Montana. She received her MFA from Pratt Institute. She also studied film at New York University. Alton’s work is in the State of Alaska Permanent Collection. Her documentary “Ridin’ for the Brand” is distributed by Dark Hollow Films and has been shown on PBS. She is an award-winning filmmaker and her films have been at numerous film festivals


Priscilla Jimmie grew up in Nunakauiaq (Toksook Bay) in Western Alaska, a village in Qaluyaq (Nelson Island) near the Bering Sea. The Yup'k traditional values that were taught to her growing up have always been very important to her and her family.  

Priscilla keeps that tradition alive by subsisting and gathering food from our land and the sea.She believes in teaching Yup'ik values to the younger generation so they in return can teach their children the importance of their culture.



 Editing consultant


Editing and Story Consultant

Bea Geller is a digital media artist, photographer, and educator. She is a creative consultant and has mentored film, photography, and painting artists. Currently, Bea is the owner of Rebeca Rocket Studi-O, where she sells fine art and exhibition prints.


Geller has exhibited in over seventy national and international juried exhibits, forty invitationals, and published in several art catalogs. Her artwork is in the collection of the George Eastman House, Pierce County Portable Public Arts, Tacoma, WA, Pacific Lutheran University, Rochester Institute of Technology, and Museum of Modern Art in New York. Her awards include the Oregon State Arts Commission public art Award CAP's (Creative Artist Project) Award in New Jersey and is an alumna of Weir Farm artist residency and Pen and Brush Club in Manhattan. Her earliest recognition was to have collaborated on a "Birth Film" shown at the Whitney Museum in New York City.


During the past 35 years, she has been an associate professor of Photography and digital imaging at Pacific Lutheran University. She has also taught Photography and film at Stockton State College in New Jersey, Mercy College in the Bronx, and Wagner College in Staten Island, New York.

Cyrus Smith


Pamela Roberts over the past 26 years Roberts has produced and directed award-winning documentary films and videos for public television and national and international theatrical distribution.  These include "Butte:  America", "Backbone of the World:  The Blackfeet", "Ishi, the Last Yahi", a one-hour documentary nominated for an Emmy Award by the National Academy of Television Arts Sciences, and broadcast nationally on American Experience; and "Contrary Warriors: A Story of the Crow Tribe", nationally broadcast on A&E and PBS and winner of the John Grierson Award for Best Film for First Time Director.

Exceutive Producer and Technical Supervisor

Cyrus Smith, when not working with Stephanie Alton on documentaries, is Montana PBS’s Chief engineer. Cyrus is involved with Station Transmitters, Microwave links, and Remote integration production projects for ESPN+. Cyrus has worked in the defense industry as a software/systems engineer during the 80’s but in the 90’s moved to Pasadena to work in the emerging computer graphics industry for a software company, Electric Image that develop a rendering application for film and video. Electric Image has been used in many films including Star Wars Episode 1, T2, MIB and many others. He also was involved with software that supported onscreen graphics for film that included pictures like Congo, Twister and Dante’s Peak.Poppins 

Yupiit: Eye of Both Worlds
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